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Meet 'Maybee' – born from a labor of love, thanks to the visionary, Katie. She breathed life into this beauty, dubbing her 'Maybee' with a hint of uncertainty and a whole lot of faith. 'Maybe this will soar, maybe it won't,' she mused.


Fast forward a few years later, and here we are, bustling with bookings and making dreams a reality. The journey's been wild, and I'm beyond excited to see where the next four years will take us. Here's to 'Maybee' and the incredible adventure she's leading us on!"





Island roots, cowboy boots - that's my vibe! From Hawaii to the heart of Texas, this mama traded leis for lassos and embraced the wild world of entrepreneurship. Catch me with a whiskey in hand, swapping lilikoi for sweet tea and toasting to this thrilling rodeo called life!

"I don't need an inspirational quote.
I need a refill!"

I’ll be turning 32 this year, and honey let me tell you. I am thirty and thriving! It wasn’t easy getting here and trust me, I’m not naive, I know my struggle isn’t over, however, I see wonderful things ahead for me, my family, and my business venture.


Don’t get me wrong -- I’m battling the same thing every other millennial is going through. Will I ever own a house on a single parent’s hustle? Is my true love right around the corner? Am I raising a happy human?


Life is wild and I am just keeping my thoughts positive, my tribe tight, and aiming to keep my adventures out of the box.


Whether it’s shaking up cocktails at your next event or offering a safe haven for those seeking an escape, I’ve got your back. Let’s sip, chat, and unravel the wild journey called life together!


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