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Trailer Your Next Event

Where the bar meets the experience

Whether you've stumbled upon us accidentally or arrived here with a clear purpose, we're absolutely thrilled you found your way. Welcome to Southbound Sips, your go-to for mobile bar services that elevate any occasion!


Picture this: a chic, fabulous bar on wheels, formerly a 2-horse trailer, now transformed into our pride and joy. We're on a mission to turn ordinary events into extraordinary memories with our exceptional sips.


Recently, we've taken the reins of this fabulous venture, paying homage to the spirited Katie, whose vibrant energy fuels our passion. With her blessing, we're dedicated to maintaining our infamous reputation and going above and beyond.


Got an event that needs a touch of beverage magic? Don't hesitate to reach out! Let's collaborate and make your event an unforgettable sensation. Cheers to making moments marvelous!


Cocktail On

Calm Down, 


Fostering Community Through Unforgettable Moments

Southbound Sips mission is to serve as the catalyst for connection and celebration, bringing communities together one unforgettable moment at a time. With our mobile bar services, we provide more than just drinks; we create experiences that deepen bonds and forge lasting memories. Whether it's a neighborhood block party, corporate gala, and all the events in between, we empower individuals and organizations to craft special moments that resonate long after the last cocktail is poured.


Savoring Connections We believe in savoring every moment and fostering genuine connections among our community members. Each interaction is an opportunity to build relationships and create lasting memories.

Inclusive Atmosphere Our events promote inclusivity, welcoming everyone to share in the joy of community and celebration. We embrace diversity and strive to create an atmosphere where all feel accepted and valued.

Personalized Experiences We tailor each experience to the unique preferences and needs of our guests, ensuring that every moment spent with us is memorable and meaningful.

Social Impact We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve. Through charitable initiatives and community engagement, we aim to leave a lasting impact beyond our events.


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